How to Get Backlinks -Link Ideas and Resources

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One of the best ways to build traffic and increase SEO rankings is to get links back to your website. Getting links is a lot easier said than done. It is time-consuming and requires a level of organization that often eludes me.  Creating a structure and a plan for getting backlinks can be a bit of a disaster. That being said, I have done some research and found some ways and resources to get those links coming in.

  1. Comment on high rated websites and in forums. Make sure your comment is worth something, clarify something in the article with a link back to a similar article you have written, add value but do not spam or add your link just to be adding it.  Help the reader learn more.
  2. Build relationships with other bloggers or websites in your niche.  Be a guest blogger – find the most popular sites in your niche and write a high quality guest post.
  3. Write articles that link back to your site on websites like . Write articles on the PR sites to gain exposure or subscribe to HARO (help a reporter out) to get exposure for your website.
  4. Do your research, know what your competitors are doing and where they are getting their backlinks.  Check out their site on  This is a great tool that will give you fantastic insights into your competitors, page rank, and effective backlinking sites.
  5. Create great content – this of course, goes without saying – create articles that are list based on hot topics.  List based articles work because people want a quick answer (50 Top Doodahs, 101 Things…).  Make it valuable and interesting and people will refer to it and link to it.

Jen Wiss has written an excellent article on great places to get links.   101 fresh places to get links to your website for SEO.  Read it!

Another article that I found very useful is by Melanie Shebel on Hubpages – 68 Places to Get High Quality Backlinks.

I went to SEO Book because they are definitely known experts in SEO. 101 Ways to Build Link Popularity provides a lot of ideas, one of my favorites is “Be a Jerk”…there are several great ideas here and the article is both informative and funny.
How to Earn Your First Link From a Major Blogger by Halpern provides some great tips for networking and getting links in a professional manner.

Backlinks are important to search engines and getting links back to your site should be part of your daily/weekly plan.  Your market research is going to be key so know your market, know your competitors, and most of all know your stuff!

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