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Free Hosting Solutions

Free xoops Web Hosting

If you want a top free web hosting service, which offers unbeatable hosting specs and uptime, you may want to take a look at www.freehostia.com. It is one of the best free hosting providers. Its free web hosting plan is fully featured and you can get XOOPS pre-installed by selecting it on the signup form.


Free Drupal Hosting

Installing Drupal at FreeHostia is an easy task. Thanks to the free web applications installer integrated with FreeHostia’s fully-featured free web hosting plan, you can install Drupal with just a few clicks directly from within your web hosting control panel.


Free Perl Hosting

If you need to host a website based on CGI and Perl for free you would have to find a top free web hosting company, which offers Perl support. FreeHostia offers free Perl hosting with over 2500 Perl modules available for you to use.


Free PHP MySQL Hosting

FreeHostia offers free domain web hosting with MySQL and PHP support and a long list of additional features.FreeHostia's free hosting package allows you to host multiple websites and domain names. There are lucrative upgrade options.


Free WordPress Web Hosting

Together with FreeHostia's free hosting plan, WordPress makes a great choice for your personal or corporate blog and it only takes less than 5 minutes to get it online.


Excellent Free Host

If you are searching for a free web hosting company, which would be able to deliver excellent uptime and performance, you should choose Free Hostia. The Chocolate package - FreeHostia's free plan, allows you to host up to 5 domains.